Get a sickness certificate

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is money paid by employers to their employees who satisfy the conditions for payments when they are ill and unable to work. Please fill in 'Your statement' using the link below when you have been sick for four days or more in a

When you have completed the form:

  • give your completed form to your employer. It will help them to decide if you can get SSP.
  • keep a copy for your own information.

If you can get SSP, your employer will pay you in the same way they usually pay your wages.

If you cannot get SSP, your employer must give you form SSP1 to tell you why. You can use form SSP1 to support a claim for Employment and Support Allowance.

If you disagree with your employer’s decision and you can also look at the further information on the HMRC website :

Other help while you are sick

  • You can get more information about other help while you are sick in leaflet DWP1026 ‘Help if you're ill or disabled’. You can get this leaflet from:
    - any Jobcentre Plus office
    - most advice centres like the Citizens Advice Bureau
    - any post office
    - go to
  • If you do not have much money coming in while you are sick, you may be able to get a Social Security benefit. You should contact any Jobcentre Plus office or, go to 
    You can also phone the Benefit Enquiry Line for people with disabilities - 0800 882 200.
    If you have any problems with hearing or speaking and use a textphone, phone 0800 243 355
    If you do not have your own textphone system, they are available to use at the Citizens Advice Bureau and main libraries.
  • If you want to know more about SSP go