Get a flu injection

Below is some general information regarding flu vaccinations

Flu vaccinations are available to patients in the “at risk groups”:

  • Individuals over 65 years of age
  • Those aged 6 months or over with :

                   Chronic respiratory disease

                   Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


                   Chronic heart disease

                   Chronic renal disease

                   Chronic liver disease

                   Chronic neurological disease
                  (including Stroke/TIA)


                   Immunosuppressed patients

                   Patients in long-stay residential care

                   Patients in care homes

  • All pregnant women
  • Children aged TWO & THREE years of age
  • Household contacts of immuno-compromised patients
  • Carers

Please contact reception (01564 739194) to make your appointment or to check your eligibility.