Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The PPG is a link between Arden Medical Centre Patients and the Practice.

The PPG is made up of a small number of Arden Medical Centre Patients who meet quarterly to consider a range of issues aimed at fostering a good, friendly, efficient, innovative service and environment throughout the Practice.

The PPG needs your input to help us with this aim.

Read the PPG Constitution 

What the PPG provides

  • A conduit to improve communications between the Practice and Patients.
  • Two way transfer of information and ideas.
  • Early highlighting of service development within the Practice.
  • Patient feedback about what service is provided – good, bad or indifferent – patient’s views are highly valued and the Practice does try to listen!
  • Patients' ideas on what they might like the Practice to be providing.
  • Public meetings and events with medical education as a theme.
  • The PPG does NOT provide any medical advice.

To discuss the PPG or to receive more information regarding meeting minutes or joining the PPG please contact Arden Medical Centre Reception on 01564 739194 for more information.

PPG Minutes

PPG Minutes 3.12.19

PPG Minutes 17.9.19

PPG Minutes 25.06.19

PPG Minutes 19.3.19

PPG Annual Report

PPG Annual Report 2015-16

PPG Annual Report 2014-15

PPG Annual Report 2013-14 & 2012/13