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Social Prescriber Newsletter Posted or Updated on 2 Feb 2024

If it matter to you, it matters to us

News in brief from your Social Prescribers

Good morning.

Our names are Jill and Sharon, and we are Senior Social Prescribers working with patients from Arden Medical Centre, Hampton Surgery, Dorridge Surgery and Balsall Common Medical Centre.

We work with patients on all the issues that are bothering them that are not medical. Research has shown us that over one quarter of the people you see (that attend) do so with a non-medical issue. We are here to help you. As your Social Prescribers, we have the time to listen to your patients, sometimes up to an hour, finding out about what they need and what support can be put in place. If there need is a social need we can put them in touch with groups, agencies and social activities that might help them to feel better.

We can even support patients to create something new such as a gardening club, a fishing group, a 'men's shed' or a knit and knatter group. We did this with our coffee morning which has been running for over 12 months from Balsall Common library. The patients that attend have made friendships, learned about their community, joined in with other activities and are learning about how to live with long-term health conditions.

Sometimes patients have a legal problem which is affecting their health such as dampness and mould in their property. We assist patients by making referrals to organisations that specialise in that area. Over 70% of our referrals are to Citizens Advice Solihull.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel your patient needs help with something non-medical.
We can help you with the following:

  • Being more active
  • Financial support
  • Living more independently
  • Improve social connections
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Mental wellbeing support

Every patient you refer to us has a personalised care and support plan for them. This plan is uploaded to their patient record so you can see what work we have been doing with your patients.

We want to help you by reducing your workload and making sure that patients who need a medical appointment can because we are assisting people with those non-medical issues.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to receiving your referrals
0121 779 6707

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